Time to first byte graph

Monitor response time and time to first byte (TTFB)

Kernl's WordPress Site Health monitoring tool will check your WordPress site's response time and time to first byte (ttfb) at 1, 5, or 10 minute intervals. Use this data to see if there are any unexpected changed in your site's performance.

Google Lighthouse Integration

Google Lighthouse scores are integrated with Kernl's WordPress Site Health monitoring. Once per day we will run Google Lighthouse against your site so you can check for any regression in performance. You can correlate these regressions against the other data gathered by Kernl WordPress Site Health.

Google Lighthouse scores graph
Plugin changes over time

Plugin Changes

One of the biggest culprits for performance related bugs is a plugin getting installed or updated. Kernl's WordPress Site Health monitoring service watches for changes in your plugins and show you how they have changed over time. Use this data to correlate a plugin addition to a performance drop or one of your Google Lighthouse scores dropping.

System Resource Information

Noticing that your site is performing slower over time than expected? Kernl can help you diagnose the problem with our CPU, RAM, and Disk usage charts.

CPU usage graph

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