Feature flag overview

Decouple Code Deployment From Feature Releases

A feature flag allows you to place code behind a switch. Deploy your product with the switch "off" and then enable it for 1, some, or all of your users. If you run into a problem, simply disable the feature from our dashboard. No deploy necessary!


How it works: Create a Feature Flag

A feature flag is just an identifier that you give a feature. You'll use it to toggle your feature on an off. There are 3 different types of flags: on/off, percentage, and individual.

Add feature flag
Wrap your code


How it works: Identify Users & Wrap Your Code

Feature Flags need to know who your users are. Kernl's Feature Flag WordPress library makes this easy. After we know that, you can wrap your code in a simple "if" statement for toggling.


Done! Toggle Your Feature On & Off

You can now toggle your feature on and off for users without ever having to do another deployment. You aren't just limited to WordPress either. Feature flags work great for frontend Javascript development too.

Use the feature flag

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